The art of customised packing

The value of the work, in currency or emotion, is why the proper packaging always gets our utmost attention and care. For the transportation or storage of your artworks the method of packaging is of vital importance. This prevents damage to the work and protects against fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

The transport and logistics concerning art have an impact on our environment. We are determined to embed sustainability into every step of our operation. The use of packiging materials plays a significant role in our vision of sustainability.

Also on loan, we offer various flexible packing solutions

Climate crates with adjustable interior

Sometimes a custommade pacakging is not ideal. In that case it is good to know that we also offer climate crates on loan. Suitable for framed artworks where additional attention is needed for air conditioning. These crates are equipped with an adjustable interior and can be adapted to the size of the artwork.

What our clients say about us

Thanks for the good service, carrying out all transports, thinking along and working hard on our internal depot relocation...

Singer Laren

Imming Logistics Fine Art makes international transport worry-free!

De Pont Museum

I would like to add that we were greatly impressed by your company and professionalism. The courier even said that you provide the best service throughout Europe...

Modemuseum Hasselt

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We have a packaging unit, where our carpenters produce custom designed packaging