The art of specialized transport

Experience art and valuables transportation at a whole new level. At Imming Logistics Fine Art, we understand that this is no ordinary transport. Whether it's by land, sea, or air, we always guarantee the level of protection. Our modern vehicles are equipped with special features that ensure the safe transportation of delicate objects on the road. Think climate and temperature control, air suspension, and cargo space lining. With these advanced provisions, we offer you the peace of mind of flawless transportation from point A to point B, and if needed, back again.

The transport and logistics concerning art have an impact on our environment. We are determined to embed sustainability into every step of our operation. Transport plays a significant role in our vision of sustainability.

Discover our international services, where we take care of the entire import or export process for you.

We offer you an extensive network of skilled agents

Imming Logistics Fine Art has an extensive global network of agents and colleagues in the art transport sector. We collaborate with renowned art transporters in countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and France. We also have strong connections overseas, including Japan, the United States, and Australia. Thanks to these valuable contacts, we can always guarantee you a seamless and efficient international transport. We are, as the only art transporter in the Netherlands, 100% independent. We are not part of a larger cooperative and therefore free in our choice of international partners for collaboration.